What You Need to Know About Renewing Your Hoisting License

If you are living in Massachusetts and are interested in operating hoisting equipment or will be required to use hoisting equipment in your line of work, the first thing that you will need to accomplish is obtaining a Massachusetts hoisting operator license. Hoisting licenses are regulated by the Engineering Division of the Office Of Public Safety and Inspection. Applicants who wish to obtain a Massachusetts hoisting license must be at least 18 years old and are required to understand how hoisting machinery works as well as safe operating practices such as hand signals and procedures for inspecting hoisting machinery in order to pass the Mass hoisting license renewal exam that is administered by the Office of Public Safety and Inspection. The exam will cover a wide range of information regarding a lot of rules and regulations that pertain to hoisting in the state of Massachusetts. The exam is not viewed as an easy exam by many of the applicants who have taken it and you will need to study before taking this exam. There are plenty of hoisting education programs that are available either in a classroom setting or as online courses that applicants can use in order to prepare them for the exam but that is totally up to you at the applicants discretion as the state of Massachusetts does not require any actual classroom time or any type of specific training in order to obtain a hoisting license. The state recommends studying topics such as Dig Safe requirements, state law requirements, safe rigging and trench requirements, OSHA 1925 and 1910 requirements as well as many more safety regulations to help you pass the Mass hoisting license renewal state-administered exam.

Why Getting A Hoisting License Can Be Beneficial

If you are just starting out as a contractor in Massachusetts and have begun the process of obtaining all of the licenses that you will be required to hold if you want to be able to acquire more work for yourself, then a Massachusetts hoisting license is most likely on your list of licenses to obtain. The hoisting license that is required in Massachusetts for most industrial work that requires lifting is a great way to expand the opportunities in your career as a contractor as well as in other careers. Having a hoisting operator license can be the key to opening your career opportunities and can help you become eligible for more than just construction work but it can also be applied in warehouse jobs, shipping facilities and even some local town jobs or for industrial purposes. Depending on the hoisting equipment that you plan to be using in the many industries they can be applied in, knowing the facts is very crucial in order to be sure you obtain the correct hoisting licenses as Massachusetts has over a dozen hoisting licenses to select from.

Who Needs A Hoisting License

Anyone who will be operating equipment that is able to hoist more than 500 pounds or is capable of lifting loads that are either larger than a 1/4 cubic yard or can hoist a load more than 10 feet will be required to hold a valid Massachussettes hoisting license. It is illegal to operate hoisting equipment such as backhoes, excavators, telescoping booms, drill rigs, lattice cranes and other hoisting equipment without first obtaining a hoisting license. It is a common misconception that if the hoisting equipment is being used on private property that you are not required to hold a license in order to operate it and this is absolutely not true. It is also commonly believed that you can be exempt from needing a hoisting license if the hoisting equipment you are operating isn’t being used in a way that would trigger the requirements of a hoisting license. This is also untrue and the reality is that it doesn’t really matter how the equipment is being used or if you are operating it to its capabilities that require a license or not. If it is in working order and capable of any one of the requirements to obtain a hoisting license, then you must hold a hoisting license to operate it. So, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need to have a hoisting license to operate hoisting equipment in Massachusetts just because they have one of their own and are supervising you either. Simply put, if you decide that you are going to operate hoisting equipment in Massachusetts, then you need a hoisting license of your own and must complete a Mass hoisting license renewal class as well. 

Renewing Your Hoisting License

Once you have obtained your hoisting license in Massachusetts, in order to keep your hoisting license valid, you will need to renew it every two years as Massachusetts hoisting licenses are valid for two years from the date that they are issued. However,  Mass hoisting license renewal isn’t as simple as just paying a fee like regular driver’s licenses are. In order to renew your hoisting license, you must complete continuing education credits that must be submitted prior to your license expiration date. As of September 2014, the continuing education curriculum includes equipment-specific training for each grade of license. So if you hold a hoisting machinery license with multiple classes then you will be required to complete continuing education credits for each class that your license holds in order to renew your hoisting license. Each class restriction refers to the different types of hoisting pieces of machinery that the operator needs to be licensed to operate and the point of the continuing education requirements to renew your hoisting license is so that the licensee is always aware of the safety operations of the machines they use. Therefore, the credit hours that are required to be completed for the continuing education requirement is solely based on the number of restrictions that are carried on your hoisting license.

 As of September 2014, hoisting license holders are also required to complete continuing education credit hours in industry-standard and regulatory training as well. Our staff here at Eagle Hoisting are highly experienced, skilled, and enthusiastic. With over 34 years of experience in heavy equipment operation, we are dedicated to providing students with the most comprehensive Mass hoisting license renewal training classes available. We are committed to supplying you with the proper information on continued education in order to help you refresh and renew your Hoisting Engineer License. We will come to your facility and bring the knowledge with us. Call us for more information!