Mass Hoisting License Renewal

10 Reasons A Hoisting Career in Massachusetts is Awesome

Hoisting isn’t just a job. It takes serious dedication to the craft, and that makes it a relatively rare skill among trades. A hosting equipment operator or foreman doesn’t just need a hoisting license but also have the right temperament to excel. If you do, the rewards, both short-term and long, are significant, and Massachusetts needs you! What are some of the main reasons hoisting in Massachusetts is such a great choice for a career?

1) It’s Fun

Many boys and even lots of girls enjoyed playing with cranes and trucks and building sets when they were little. Lots of folks never outgrow that exciting sense of purpose and hands-on creative play, so how wonderful is it that they can get paid doing important work along those same lines. As fun as it was in the sandbox, it’s fifty times better when you’re improving lives and producing permanent results handling tons at a time in the construction and shipping industries.

2) The View is Great Up Here!

Hoisting most often means sitting atop the work zone in your crane, perched above everyone else, with the birds and treetops as your companions. Quite frequently, that also means you’re atop a tall building, seeing the whole world laid out before you, surrounded by airplanes and clouds. There’s an amazing sense of wonder and optimism, power and control while surveying your domain, master of the elements, that few careers offer on a regular basis like hoisting. The sky is ever-changing, and because you’ll often be traveling, you’ll constantly see new places, too.

3) The State of Massachusetts Has Active and Growing Construction and Shipping Industries

A survey of the job boards will show just how many places are seeking hoist operators with a hoisting license in Massachusetts. Most of the firms seeking staff are well-established and growing. The eastern seaboard has been a major international player for manufacturing and shipping for decades. There is no expectation that the industry will do anything but continue to grow as our population and global commercial enterprises continue to demand more.

4) You’ll Earn Great Pay for Life

As a technician and skilled tradesman, you’ll start with great pay. Some places will train and license qualified candidates while they work. As you prove your worth, there’s also plenty of room for advancement to bigger equipment or to a supervisor role or training new hoist operators. As long as you’re willing to work and learn, there will be a demand, which translates to a stable career with multiple benefits upon which to build a family or future. Many hoist operators work for traveling contractors, moving around to different construction sites as they complete their projects. This kind of nomadic career often means higher pay for the inconvenience, despite many of the staff enjoying the change of scenery.

5) There’s a Fantastic Sense of Accomplishment

Hoisting most often means helping to build permanent structures. As your career continues, the skyline can become a record of your achievements that you can use to brag to your friends and family. Even after retirement, you’ll always be able to see the proof of your impact. Even transitory projects like demolition and shipping give definite positive results that few careers offer. Most people prefer knowing they make a difference, and in hoisting, you’ll never wonder. Moving multiple massive loads always makes it hit home.

6) Every Day You’ll Feel a Sense of Mastery

Hoisting isn’t just running a crane, it also requires teamwork, excellent timing, crystal clear communication, steady patience, and prudent caution. The high skill level, commitment to procedure and attention to detail all mean it’s not for everyone. For those who excel, their satisfying sense of command is a big part of their pride. It’s not brain surgery, of course, but the danger, precision, respect of your peers and responsibility for the outcome make it similar in many important ways.

7) You’ll Be a Major Part of Something Greater Than Yourself

Hoisting means never being a loner, despite what they say about being at the top. Whether you work for just one firm or hire out as a traveling contractor going to many different sites, you’ll always be part of a team and a bigger project. When that barge is filled, fleet unloaded, site cleared or building erected, you’ll know your role was instrumental in making it happen.

8) You’ll Never Be Out of a Job

Like many other skilled trades, hoisting as a career means significant security and flexibility. As long as you have a hoisting license you will be able to secure a job If there are problems with one company that cause bankruptcies or unavoidable personal issues, it will always be easy to sign on somewhere else. Likewise, if you have to relocate for family or other concerns, most other cities and plenty of rural areas will have hoisting jobs available. Having a hoisting license increases the likelihood of you always having a secure job.

9) It’s Rarely Boring

Hoisting means always using your mind to stay safe, be precise and maximize efficiency. Many operators work as traveling contractors, some going to new sites every day. The job often requires doing multiple other tasks, as well, such as tying down loads, planning maneuvers, negotiating with other workers to decide who will do which task and setting up or breaking down the equipment. Every day is different. Sometimes every load is different!

10) Massachusetts Is Close to All Sorts of Great Places

One of America’s favorite vacation spots is in Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard. For those who like day trips, New York City’s museums, nightlife, and Broadway shows are just a half day’s drive away. If gambling appeals, Atlantic City is just a bit further. History buffs find no shortage of sites in Massachusetts, whether it’s obscure destinations like the world’s oldest boat-builder or better-known locales like Salem, home of some famous witches. And of course, there is Boston Harbor, where the Tea Party that helped spark the American Revolution happened. It’s perhaps the most famous hoisting that ever occurred!


If you have a fascination for buildings and structures or trucks and cranes, consider a hoisting career and let Eagle Hoisting help you in the process. Once in your career, you will need to renew your hoisting license and will be required to take refresher courses in order to renew it. With over 34 years of experience in operating heavy machinery, we are committed to supplying you with the proper information on continued education in order to help you refresh and renew your Hoisting Engineer License. We are dedicated to providing students with the most comprehensive Hoisting Engineer refresher training classes available. Call us (508-328-3978) for more information.