Top Reasons for Obtaining a Hoisting License in Massachusetts

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It takes the right person to really take on the job of hoisting. It is definitely a profession that should be taken seriously since a hoisting license and the right personality for the job is actually required in order to become successful. There are a few main reasons why this is a great career path […]

Steps to Becoming an Equipment Engineer in Massachusetts

mass hoisting license renewal

According to the General Laws of Massachusetts section 65, Chapter 146, Title XX, they state that if any individual wishes to perform in any role as a hoister are required to apply for a license through the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety. Under section 53 it regards individuals who wish to handle any cableways, derricks, […]

Safety Tips When Working with a Hoist

Mass Hoisting License Renewal

While not every professional in the heavy equipment industry works either with or around hoists, many do. If you’re one of them, this changes not only your responsibilities at work but your whole environment, altogether. Working around heavy equipment can be dangerous enough as it is. Add a moving hoist or two and the danger […]

Why Hoisting License Renewal Refresher Courses Are Essential in Massachusetts

Mass Hoisting License Renewal

Citizens from 18 years old and above are allowed to obtain a hoisting license in Massachusetts. You complete an application and take an exam. The exam covers safety operating practices, all working parts of the hoisting machinery, inspection procedures, and hand signals. The state of Massachusetts requires continuing education for Mass hoisting license renewal. It […]

What You Need to Know About Renewing Your Hoisting License

If you are living in Massachusetts and are interested in operating hoisting equipment or will be required to use hoisting equipment in your line of work, the first thing that you will need to accomplish is obtaining a Massachusetts hoisting operator license. Hoisting licenses are regulated by the Engineering Division of the Office Of Public […]