After 5/1/2014:

You must fill out a Request for Duplicate Renewal Form;

email or mail to:

Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 414376
Boston, Ma 02241-4376

Upon receiving your Application for Hoisting License Renewal:

You must Submit the following:

  • Copy of a valid drivers license
  • Copy of you current D.O.T. Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion from a Continuing Education program approved by the Department
  • $60 Renewal Fee

Licenses not renewed by the expiration date shall become void, and shall after one year be reinstated only by a new application and re-examination of the licensee if required.

Inactive Status

  • Any operator of Hoisting Machinery who is unable to obtain the required continuing education necessary to renew their License may request that the License be placed in inactive status for up to 1 continuing education cycle. Such request shall be made in writing on a form furnished by the Department.
  • Operators holding a License on inactive status shall not be authorized to operate Hoisting Machinery for the time period that the License is inactive.
  • A determination by the Department that a Licensee may return to active status shall be made following the Department’s receipt of a written request by the Licensee on a form furnished by the Department, the required renewal fee, a Certificate of Completion, and submission of required documentation pursuant to 520 CMR 6.02(6).

Licsense Extension – Military Status

  • If the license holder is on active duty; the license shall remain valid until he/she is released from active duty and for a period not less than 90 days following release.
  • For this to apply the license must be given an Honorable Discharge or a  General Discharge.