• Learn to recognize which color indicates each utility. Underground utility lines will be marked with flags or paint to show approximate location.
  • Once the lines are clearly marked, make sure you maintain safety clearance requirements for both hand digging and excavating.

You should also look for signs of a possible natural gas leak before work begins.

  • Use your eyes, ears and nose, and contact the local gas utility company if you:
    • See unexplained dead or dying grass near a pipeline
    • Dirt or debris blowing into the air
    • Water bubbling in a puddle, river, pond or creek
    • Hear an unusual hissing, whistling or roaring sound
    • Smell an odor like rotten eggs

If fire is burning above ground or coming from the ground – another sign of a natural gas leak – call 911 and the local natural gas utility company.

Do not attempt to put the fire out!!