What constitutes a Short-Term Rental Entity?

  • A Short-Term Rental Entity is a person or organization approved by the Department that is in the business of renting compact hoisting machinery and issuing Temporary Permits in lieu of full licensure.

What changes are being proposed regarding Short Term Rental Entities?

  • Short Term Rental Entities may rent certain Compact Hoisting Equipment to individuals who do not possess a Massachusetts Hoisting License provided that the Entity has been approved by the Department; has a Short Term Rental Entity Facilitator who holds a Massachusetts hoisting license and who must monitor all permitting requirements and has a Department approved training program in place and issues Temporary Permits to qualified non-licensed individuals.  All of these conditions must be met.

What is a Short-Term Rental Entity Facilitator?

  • A Short-Term Rental Entity Facilitator is an employee of the Short-Term Rental Entity who must hold a valid Massachusetts Hoisting License, issued by the Department, and is responsible for conducting examinations and issuing Temporary Permits.

What is a Temporary Permit?

  • A Temporary Permit is a non-renewable permit issued by a Department approved Short-Term Rental Entity to operate Compact Hoisting Machinery. 

What requirements must be met to be issued a Temporary Permit?

  • A Temporary Permit may only be issued after the individual has successfully completed a Department approved training program. Any person receiving a Temporary Permit may not be issued more than 1 such permit in any 45 day period.  All persons applying for a Temporary Permit must be 18ears of age, hold a valid driver’s license, and submit all appropriate documentation prior to taking a Temporary Permit exam. A Temporary Permit will be issued to only those applicants who satisfactorily complete and pass an examination.

I currently hold a motor vehicle learner’s permit. Can I apply for a Temporary Permit?

  • No. A valid driver’s license is required

Is a copy of my D.O.T. physical certification card required to apply for a Temporary Permit?

  • No. A copy of your D.O.T. physical certification card is not required

I currently hold a temporary driver’s license. Can I still apply for a Temporary Permit?

  • Yes. The Department recognizes temporary driver’s license as a substitute to a valid driver’s license as long as it’s not expired.

For how long is a Temporary Permit valid?

  • An operator who is issued a Temporary Permit may only operate the Compact Hoisting Machinery for 14 consecutive days.  After that time, the permit is no longer valid.

What constitutes Compact Hoisting Machinery?

  • Compact Hoisting Machinery is Hoisting Machinery with a manufacturer’s listed gross vehicle weight not exceeding 10,000 pounds. Hoisting Machinery that requires a Class 1, Class 3, or Class 4 Hoisting Machinery License, as listed in 520 CMR 6.10, are excluded.

Can I operate any type of Compact Hoisting Machinery under a Temporary Permit?

  • No. Compact Hoisting Machinery operated under a Temporary Permit shall not exceed a gross vehicle weight of 8,000 pounds.

I currently hold a Hoisting Machinery License from the Department with a Class 2 restriction. Am I required to obtain a Temporary Permit to rent Compact Hoisting Machinery?

  • No. Any individual that holds a Hoisting Machinery License with a Class 2 restriction, including the new ‘2D – Compact Hoisting Machinery’ restriction, may rent Compact Hoisting Machinery from a Short-Term Rental Entity without having to take the approved training program or attain a Temporary Permit.

When do you need a hoisting operator’s license?

  • When any Hoisting Machinery has the capability of hoisting the load higher than 10 feet; that has the capability of lifting loads greater than 500 pounds or if the capacity of the bucket exceeds 1/4 cubic yard capacity.
  • Anyone who will operate derricks, cableways, machinery used for discharging Cargoes, and temporary elevator cars used on excavation work or used for hoisting building material, when the motive power to operate such machinery is mechanical and other than steam, including but not limited to excavators, backhoes, front end loaders, uniloaders, skid loader, skid steer loaders, compact loaders or similar devices, lattice cranes, derricks, cranes with or without wire rope; all Fork Lifts, powered industrial lift trucks, overhead hoists (underhung), overhead cranes, underhung cranes, monorail cranes, lifting devices, cableways, and powered platforms, must hold a license from the Department.