2 Hour Refresher Courses

  • 1D - General Industrial Warehouse Forklift Equipment
  • 4B - Drill Rigs
  • 4C - Pipeline Side Booms
  • 4D - Concrete Pumps
  • 4E - Catch Basin Cleaners
  • 4F - Sign-hanger Equipment
  • 4G - Specialty Lawn Mowers

4 Hour Refresher Courses

  • 1A - All Hoisting Equipment (except electric and air powered hoisting equipment)
  • 1B - All Hoisting Equipment with Telescoping Booms with Wire Rope
  • 1C - Telescoping Booms Without Cables, Forklifts
  • 2A - Excavators
  • 2B - Front-End Loaders/Backhoes
  • 2C - Front-End Loaders/Uniloaders
  • 2D - Compact Hoisting Machinery
  • 3A - Derricks and Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

Classes will be available days, nights and weekends

We will work with you to meet your demanding schedules.

Individual and group rates available. Contact us for pricing.

At the completion of your refresher course, we will supply you with a Certificate of Completion which is needed to renew your Hoisting License.

We can also supply you with a renewal application. We are available to assist you with completing your application in order to ensure that all information is correct so your license isn’t delayed!

Refresh & Renew