Tips for Becoming a Successful Equipment Engineer in Massachusetts

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Are you thinking of becoming a hoister? Perhaps you are already a hoister and need to improve your career. This blog post will help you become successful in the hoist operations space in Massachusetts. What is a Hoister? Also known as a hoist operator, a hoister is a person whose job is to lift and […]

Top Summer Safety Tips for Equipment Engineers in Massachusetts

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When dealing with heavy machinery, like Hoists, safety should be the first, second, and third most influential factors on the site, but most times this is not always so, because when other factors start to dictate the job, then safety usually ends up on the wrong side, and that’s when bad things happen. Almost every […]

A Complete Guide to Hoisting in Massachusetts

Per Section 65 of Chapter 146, Title XX, Part 1 of the Massachusetts General Laws, anyone who operates hoisting machinery shall apply to the Department of Public Safety for a license. Section 53 further clarifies that people operating cableways, derricks, and machinery used for discharging cargoes or other hoisting equipment, including underhung and overhead cranes, […]

Top Reasons & Benefits to Hoisting in Massachusetts

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Before becoming a hoister in Massachusetts, you need to undergo intensive training needed for the job. These pieces of training might take years, but they are normally on-site where the trainees work hand in hand with operators and project managers. Hoisters are usually charged with the responsibility of lifting heavy equipment without help, and with […]

Top Challenges of Working as an Equipment Engineer

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For a long time now, hoisting operators in Massachusetts have been facing numerous challenges. Accidents tend to occur every day, which sometimes leads to serious injuries, damage to building and even death. Most of these challenges usually take place while hoisting operators perform their usual activities like material loading, pushing, pulling or carrying materials to […]

10 Things You Never Knew About Being an Equipment Engineer in Massachusetts

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There are no hoists without hoisters. Being a hoister is a very unique and well-paying career that anyone should consider, especially in Massachusetts. A hoist is a machine used for lifting, lowering and moving objects, while a hoister is the operator of the machine. Here is a breakdown of the 10 things you never knew […]

The Importance Of Renewing Your Massachusetts Hoisters License

Mass hoisting license renewal

The State of Massachusetts requires a special license to be able to operate air and electric powered cranes, booms, forklifts. excavators, backhoes, unloaders and front-end loaders. Previously called a hydraulic license, the license is now termed the Hoisting License. It requires passing a training course, application, test, reaching the age of 18 and fees to […]

Dangers to Avoid as an Equipment Engineer in Massachusetts

Mass Hoisting License Renewal

Imagine your self just moving to the state of Massachusetts. You have a 30-year mortgage, a wife, and two kids that all need to be taken care of. Your first thought is, how am I going to support my family and put food on our table and a roof over our head. So you grab […]